JV Volleyball vs Casteel

The JV Volleyball Team lost tonight to a very good Casteel High School team in two straight games. The first game was very exciting with the JV getting close at 13-15 but eventually lost. There were plenty of good serves from Gen Agsaulio, Ayannah Glesmann,and Haley Flanagan . The best serves came from Madi Honesto with four very good overhand serves, something she’s worked on all season and hasn’t done it till tonight. “There was a lot of energy on the court tonight and I want them to carry it on to our last game,” said coach Keith.

JV Volleyball vs Yuma Catholic

North Pointe’s JV lost to Yuma Catholic in two straight games but made things very exciting to watch. The JV kept coming back in the second game and kept tying the score again and again but lost by two points 24-26 in set one. All of the team served well and we had hits from Kristen Ryba, Gen Agsaulio, and a hit and tip from Haley Flanagan. “The team played very well tonight, I’m very pleased with their effort,” said coach Keith.

JV Volleyball vs Valley Christian

The North Pointe JV Volleyball lost in two straight games to Valley Christian. The JV started slow, then had some really good rallies. They played much better in game two but lost. Serving well tonight for North Pointe were: Gen Agsaulio, Kristen Ryba, Shavonne Street and Ayannah Glesmann. Shavonne Street contributed with two blocks. “We are getting a little better with each game and will continue to always work hard,” coach Keith.

JV Volleyball at Fountain Hills

The North Pointe JV Volleyball team traveled to Fountain Hills for the 2nd of 3 away games and lost in two straight sets. The team carried over things they learned from the first time we played them and played better this time. North Pointe started off with good serving from Gen Agsaulio, Gabbie Garcia and Shavonne Street with serving, passing, two kills and a block. “We will keep at it and just work to get better,” said coach Keith.

JV Volleyball at Odyssey

North Pointe’s JV Volleyball team began the first of three away games with a loss to Odyssey. The team played well at times with nice rallies and good ball handling but could not overcome Odyssey’s serves. Tonight’s standouts were Genevieve Agsaulio with two kills and good serves, Shavonne Street with a block and good serving, Gabbie Garcia with an ace serve and Haley Flannagan with an ace serve. “We will keep trying to improve with every game,” said Coach Keith.

JV Volleyball vs American Leadership Acacdemy

The JV Volleyball Team lost tonight versus American Leadership in two straight games. The Falcons serve and receive errors were the problem, but we did get great serves from our own Geneivieve Agsaulio with three ace serves and another ace serve from Shavonne Street. Others contributing were Gabbie Garcia and Madi Honesto. “We’ll keep trying and hopefully soon we’ll have a win,” said Coach Keith.

JV Volleyball vs Rancho Solano

The JV Volleyball team lost tonight to Rancho Solano Prep in 2 straight games.  The team continues to show improvement but could not overcome Rancho Solano’s tough serves. Tonight’s key players of the of the game were serving: Gabbie Garcia, Shavonne Street, Madi Honesto, Genevieve Agsaulio, and Kristen Ryba. Coach Keith would also like to  recognize the spikes from Shavonne Street and Genevieve Agsaulio “Our kids just keep trying, don’t quit and play hard till the end of the game,” said Coach Keith.