JV Girls Basketball at Valley Christian

The JV Lady Falcons lost their final game of the season by a score of 57-14 against Valley Christian. Sharon Larsala played her best game of the year by scoring 10 points and grabbing 6 rebounds. Alma Pineda and Kate Zapata added to the score with 2 points each. Coach Reed said “Throughout the entire game the ladies never stopped hustling. They never gave up the fight. The referees also complimented the girls on their excellent sportsmanship.” Good job ladies on a great season! You worked hard and your skills improved.

JV Girls Basketball at Casteel

The JV Lady Falcons lost to the Casteel Colts by a score of 55-39. Our leading scorer for the game was Cianya Murillo with 10 points. Desirae Mena popped in 8 points and Alma Pineda added 6 points. Other contributions were made by Sharon Larsala with 5 points and Abigail Zugaste and Markita Echeverri with 4 points each. Isabella Lara helped out with 2 points. “The girls did a solid job on their defense but need to cut down on turnovers if we are going to win more games” said Coach Reed.

JV Girls Basketball at Yuma Catholic

The final home game of the season ended on a sad note for the JV Lady Falcons as they lost by a score of 53-27 to Yuma Catholic. Desirae Mena lead the scoring with 9 points. Sumeja Habibovic and Sharon Larsala each contributed 6 points. Cianya Murillo added 4 points while Abigail Zugaste tossed in 2 points. Coach Reed said, “In this game we basically defeated ourselves. Our poor passing and excessive fouling lead to easy points for our opponent. We really need to focus for our final two games.”

JV Girls Basketball at Fountain Hills

The JV Lady Falcons’ basketball team made the trek to Fountain Hills but returned with a 40-11 loss. The top scorer was Kate Zapata with 4 points. She was followed by Cianya Murillo, Markita Echeverri and Sumeja Habibovic with 2 points each while Sharon Larsala added 1 point. “The girls are really improving on their defense however they need to finish shots if we are going to be competitive in these types of games” said Coach Reed.

JV Girls Basketball at Yuma Catholic

After making the long trip to Yuma, the Lady Falcons JV basketball team returned home with a disappointing loss to Yuma Catholic 39-25. Kate Zapata, Sumeja Habibovic and Sharon Larsala were top scorers with 5 points each. Alma Pineda added 4 points and Abigail Zugaste, Desirae Mena and Isabella Lara each contributed 2 points. Coach Reed said “We need to cut down on our turnovers and eliminate silly fouls so that we can continue to progress as a team.”

JV Girls Basketball vs Valley Christian

It truly was Friday the 13th for the JV Lady Falcon’s basketball team as they lost to a very good Valley Christian team by a score of 59-20. Cianya Murrilo was our top scorere with 5 points. Alma Pineda, Desirae Mena and Sharon Larsala added 4 points each. Markita Echeverri helped with 2 points while Sumeja Habibovic put in 1 point. “The girls need to improve their passes and finish their shots so that they can be competitive,” said Coach Reed.

JV Girls Basketball vs Casteel

Your JV Lady Falcons basketball team came out focused and ready to do business as they defeated Casteel by a score of 42-20. Alma Pineda led all scorers with 9 points and was followed by Kate Zapata, Cianya Murillo and Desirae Mena each with 8 points. Abigail Zugaste added 3 points and Markita Echeverri, Sumeja Habibovic and Sharon Larsala tossed in 2 points each. “The girls were very focused on defense and forced Casteel into taking several bad shots. They are continuing to get better and are forming into a solid team” said Coach Reed.