JV Boys Basketball at Valley Christian

Tonight the Falcons played the Valley Christian Trojans for their last game of the season. The final score was 81 to 31 with the Trojans winning. It was an up and down battle for the whole 32 minutes. Danny Hyun was the leading scorer with 10 points. Coach Pacitti – ” We had a very fun season and it sucks that it’s over because it went by so quick but all we can do now is get better for next season. We have a lot of guys returning next season so we expect to keep improving as a team.”

JV Boys Basketball at Yuma Catholic

Today the Falcons took on the Yuma Catholic Shamrocks. It was a very intense, high scoring affair. The Shamrocks took the win with a final score of 75 to 49. The leading scorers for the Falcons were Emir Hurtic and Danny Hyun with 11 points each. Coach Pacitti – ” Despite the final score, I’m actually happy with how the guys competed tonight. We did all of the right things, we just couldn’t get our shots to fall but it was clear how much progress we’ve made through this season. “

JV Boys Basketball at Fountain Hills

Today the Falcons played the other Falcons from Fountain Hills. It was a very fast paced, entertaining game for its whole duration. The Falcons of Fountain Hills took the win with a final score of 67 to 45. The leading scorer for our Falcons was Emir Hurtic with 15 points; Emmanuel Pineda also had a pretty good game with 9 points and some big rebounds down the stretch. Coach Pacitti – ” We’ve made really good improvements offensively and put together a really good second half, it was just too late because the defense we played in the first half left us in a hole we could not climb out of. “

JV Boys Basketball vs Casteel

Tonight the Falcons took on the Casteel Colts. It was a very high paced game right from the jump ball. The Colts took the win with a final score of 63 to 27. The leading scorer for the Falcons was Danny Hyun with 8 points. Coach Pacitti – ” Tonight was a really bad outing for us, we really have a lot of work to do before we go to their house and take them on there. We’ll let this loss set a fire under us and we’re definitely going to come back one hundred times stronger. “

JV Boys Basketball at Yuma Catholic

Today the Falcons played the Yuma Catholic Shamrocks. The final score was 66 to 32 with the Shamrocks taking this one. The Falcons came out flat and couldn’t get anything to fall. The leading scorer for the falcons was Emir Hurtic with 16 points. Coach Pinches – “Another frustrating loss today, we just havent been able to compete with these more athletic teams, but the guys never give up, and they are invested in the program we are building, we are very proud of their work ethic.”

JV Boys Basketball at American Leadership

Tonight the Falcons took on the Patriots of American Leadership Academy in their first road game in 5 games. The final score was 74 to 42 in favor of the Patriots. The Falcons looked tired on the second night of their back to back. Emir Hurtic was the leading scorer for the Falcons with 15 points. Coach Pacitti- ” We had a bad tonight, nothing was falling for us. We are going to work on the other things now for when our shots are not falling. Shooting is definitely one of our strengths but we can’t live and die by it.”

JV Boys Basketball vs Vertias Prep

Tonight the Falcons faced off against the Veritas Falcons in their much anticipated home opener. The Falcons took the win with a final score of 63-33. The leading scorers for the Falcons were Emir Hurtic with 20 points and Matt Rice with 17. Coach Pacitti said after the game, “Great game by the boys today. We kept the pressure on them the whole game and it worked out great. The crowd also came out and helped us out a bunch. We’re going to expect this type of performance out of ourselves every game from this point on.”