Jr. High Softball at Odyssey

North Pointe played a tough game against a very good Odyssey Prep team, with 8th graders Chloe Dominick and Chloe Santini teaming up at pitcher and catcher respectively to get multiple outs at home plate, but the defense couldn’t stop some strong hitting, and the Falcons lost 0-15. “The ladies worked hard this season and developed their skills individually and as a team, so I feel like it was a great season, and the girls should be proud of themselves,” said Coach Stephenson.

Jr. High Softball vs Tempe Prep

The Lady Falcons came out swinging in the first round of the playoffs against Tempe Prep, with 8th grader Chloe Santini, 7th grader Grace Chapman, and 7th grader Isabella Cavalo all hitting singles, and 8th grader Serissa Mendoza hitting a single and a double. They also fought hard on defense, with Chloe Santini doing a fantastic job at catcher, and together they pulled off a 16-13 win. “It was great to see the girls work as a team and come out victorious,” said Coach Stephenson.

Jr. High Softball vs Trivium Prep

In the last game of the regular season, the Falcons played in freezing weather against Trivium Prep. 8th grader Chloe Dominick did well on the mound, both in pitching and fielding with multiple assists, and the rest of her defense fought hard, with great plays at first base by 7th grader Bella Cavalo and some great hustle from 7th grader Ilyana Quinonez in left field that turned a would-be homerun into a putout at home plate by 8th grader Chloe Santini. Chloe Santini also led the team on offense with two strong singles, and the girls were rallying in the fifth inning when a bad call ended the game, and North Pointe came up short, losing 7 – 11. “I am proud of the determination these girls showed today,” said Coach Stephenson.

Jr. High Softball at Odyssey

North Pointe came out swinging against a very good Odyssey pitcher, and 8th grader Chloe Santini rocketed two singles in two at bats, but the rest of the team struggled to get the ball out of the infield and were unable to get on the board. They lost to Odyssey 0 – 21. “The score doesn’t show it, but the girls had a victory today in being aggressive at the plate,” said Coach Stephenson.

JH Softball vs North Phoenix Prep

It was a cold afternoon as the Falcons played North Phoenix Prep at Victory Lanes, and North Pointe struggled on both offense and defense. While 8th grader Chloe Dominick pitched pretty well and hit two singles, the bats never really got going for anyone else, and the Falcons lost 7 – 19. “The girls weren’t playing to their ability today, but hopefully they will be able to get something going in their last two games of the regular season this week,” said Coach Stephenson.

Jr. High Softball at Cicero Prep

The Falcons were excited to face off against Cicero Prep, but the umpire never showed up, so it was reduced to a practice game of only two innings. The girls did a good job in the short time they had, with 8th grader Chloe Dominick striking out 3 of 4 in her one inning of play and 7th grader Grace Chapman and 8th grader Serissa Mendoza each getting a single. After 2 innings, North Pointe was leading the game 12 – 6. “The girls did well,” said Coach Stephenson, “and they are hoping to face Cicero in a real game before the season is over.

Jr. High Softball at Anthem Prep

It was a cold, windy game as North Pointe faced off against Anthem Prep at Anthem Community Park, and the Lady Falcons came out fighting on offense, with 8th graders Zoey Goslin and Chloe Santini each getting strong singles and Serissa Mendoza hitting an inside-the-park homerun, but the defense couldn’t quite get it together, and North Pointe lost 20-8. “I am proud of how the girls are dealing with tough games like this. They never get down on themselves and always build up their teammates,” said Coach Stephenson.