Jr. High Girls Soccer vs Odyssey

The Jr. High girls soccer team lost 9-0 at Odyssey Friday night. Great offensive effort was turned in by Darla Armer, game Captain Lexus Ascension, and Kimberly Acular. Coach Scott said “I have seen nothing but improvement from this team all season and we continue to grow closer as a team. As a coach this is all I could have asked for.”


Jr. High Girls Soccer at North Phoenix Prep

The Lady Falcons lost a hard fought game Friday by a score of 5-0. Goalkeeper Darla Armer recorded 10 saves and the lady Falcons didn’t allow a goal in the second half. Kimberly Aguilar, Game Captain Alexis Monts, and Cheyenne Bringham all had great games on the offensive side of the ball. “This was our best performance of the season. As we clean up the little mistakes and continue to improve through practice, we will get better results,” Coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Girls Soccer at North Phoenix Prep

Today the lady Falcons lost to the North Phoenix prep gladiators by a score of 4-0. Great efforts were turned in by Midfielders Darla Armer and Cheyenne Bringham. “We are slowly starting to put the pieces together. As we continue to learn in games and practice, we expect to have results that better match our efforts.” Coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Girls Soccer vs Cicero Prep

The Lady Falcons kicked off the season with a great performance against Cicero Prep. Despite losing 4-0, the girls showed a tremendous amount of grit and determination. Overcoming early jitters, goalkeeper Jennifer Encinas has 9 saves in the second half to keep the girls in it. Captains Liliana Fendell and Kimberly Aguilar had great games and spent the game disrupting the Cicero offense. Darla Armer made spectacular plays every time the ball touched her feet. “The girls are already starting to see the results of their hard work. We would have loved to get an early season result, but the process is working and we have a number of people contributing early,” coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Girls Soccer vs Scottsdale Prep at Chandler Prep – Playoffs

The Jr. High Girls Soccer team had their first game in the playoffs against Scottsdale Preparatory, which was played at Chandler Preparatory Academy. Seventh grader Kim Aguilar had 14 saves as goalie during the whole game. Sarah Garcia was the stand-out defender of the game, always going after the ball and never tiring. Even with only ten players in for the Falcons during the first half, the Spartans were only able to score one goal before halftime. With 8 minutes left in the game, Darla Armer went in to score and was tripped by an opponent which led to a penalty kick for the Falcons! Darla made the penalty kick. The girls stayed strong and positive throughout the game, but lost 5-1 which means their season has come to an end. “I’m very proud of how far the girls have come this season. Not only did they improve as players, but they really had fun tonight in their last game. It was great to see how close they became as teammates,” said Coach Beam.

Jr. High Girls Soccer at Trivium Prep

The Jr. High Girls Soccer team played the Trivium Preparatory Knights today at Trivium Prep. Kim Aguilar had four saves as goalie the first half, and Crystal Delgado had five saves as goalie the second half of the game. The Falcons hustled and played aggressively to try to defeat the Knights. The eleven players had to play the whole game because there were no subs. Hailie De La Rosa was the stand-out mid player of the game. She never quit moving the whole game and never gave up hope. The Falcons lost 7-0.  “Even though the season didn’t go as well as we hoped, I’m very proud of how the girls played tonight and how much they improved,” said Coach Beam.

Jr. High Girls Soccer at Chandler Prep

The Jr. High Girls Soccer team played against Chandler Preparatory Academy today at Chandler Prep. The Falcons started off the game really well, with Darla Armer almost scoring in the first few minutes. Crystal Delgado had 6 saves as goalie during the first half of the game. The halftime score was 5-0, Titans. For the second half of the game, the Falcons went out ready to bring their game. With Madi Denton as a strong mid-center and Lexus Ascencion splitting her time between defender and forward, the Titans were only able to score two more goals against the Falcons. Kim Aguilar had 5 saves as goalie during the second half. “I was really impressed with the improvement and motivation the girls had for this game. They had great communication with each other and never gave up. I’m looking forward to our next game on Friday,” said Coach Beam.