Jr. High Boys Soccer at North Phoenix Prep

The Jr. High boys soccer team lost their second round match to North Phoenix Prep 4-2 today. Goals were scored by Tame Al-Taee and Thomas Wales. Defensively, another solid game was played by goalkeeper Brayan Mendoza. “This team played with a lot of heart, but just couldn’t string together the possessions that we needed to come away with a win today. The eighth graders on this team have grown so much over my two years here and I know that they will have more success as Varsity Falcons,” coach Scott said after the contest.

Jr. High Boys Soccer vs Tempe Prep

The Jr. High Falcons upset the higher seeded Tempe Prep Knights by a score of 4-1. Tame Al-Taee scored the opening goal 5 minutes into the contest. Thomas Wales scored on an assist from Joel Pfister & Tame Al-Taee scored an unassisted goal before half to make it 3-1. Denis Tenic converted a Penalty Kick late in the contest to put the game out of reach. “I was so proud to be the coach of this team tonight. They came out and executed the game plan to the letter and wouldn’t be denied. They all wanted one more game together and they earned it,” coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Boys Soccer vs Scottsdale Christian

The Falcons came up short against Scottsdale Christian by a score of 5-1. Offensively, the boys were lead by Joel Pfister who recorded his first goal of the year, and Tame Al-Taee who came within inches of scoring twice in the game. Defensively great efforts were turned in by Brayan Mendoza and Daniel Pacheco. “The team went through quite a bit this week and we had to play most of the second half with ten players due to a few of our guys getting hurt during the game. Despite that, the boys showed a lot of heart and never quit fighting,” Coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Boys Soccer at North Phoenix Prep

Today, the Falcons were defeated by North Phoenix Prep by a score of 6-1. The lone goal scorer was Kevin Valenzula. Great defensive efforts were turned in by Damien Missman, Weston Lanier and Sam Garlick. “This team is getting better, but in soccer, teams tend to capitalize on little mistakes. Today we let to many little mistakes turn into goals. We are going to work hard in practice this week to make sure that we don’t have more little mistakes turn into big defeats,” Coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Boys Soccer at Chandler Prep – Playoffs

The Falcons were in action in the league semi-finals against the Chandler Prep Titans on Thursday night. Despite their effort, heart and desire to play one more game together, the boys season ended on a sour note with a 3-0 loss. Game Captains Jaime Garcia and Kris Rivera played every second of this game and were vital to our success this season.  “Great games were played by everyone and they fought down to the very last second of the game. I would like to say what an honor and privilege it was to coach this team all season long. I can’t wait to see this team compete for State Championships in the very near future. The talent on this team is something special,” Coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Boys Soccer vs Cicero Prep – Playoffs

The Falcons soccer team opened the playoffs with an incredible 2-0 shut out win over Cicero Prep. Alex Ibanez scored the opening goal early in the second half. Game captain Chris Granados added insurance with another goal with about 12 minutes left to go in the contest. Goalkeeper Nathan Cauthren recorded his 5th shutout this season. “During Monday’s practice, the guys kept talking about how they didn’t want that to be their last practice. It is truly inspiring to see these guys compete so that they can have another practice and another game together,” Coach Scott said after the game.

Jr. High Boys Soccer at Trivium Prep

The Jr. High Boys Soccer team lost a tightly contest game 2-1 at Trivium prep on Friday Night. Several key members of the defense were lost due to injury early in the contest. The team fought hard to overcome those injuries up until the very end. Chris Granados scored the lone goal of the afternoon. Game captain Jacob Wood drove the ball deep into the offensive zone every time he touched it. “I would like to say thank you to the parents and the Jr. High Girls Soccer team for showing up to support us during this game and this season. Moving into the playoffs, getting everyone healthy will be key to us making a deep run towards a championship,” said Coach Scott.