2017-2018 Jr. High Athletic Schedules

2017-2018 Jr. High Athletic Schedules

Jr. High Football
August 30 – Scrimmage at Glendale Prep, 4 pm
September 9 vs Paradise Honors at Trivium Prep, 10 am
September 16 vs Trivium Prep at North Phoenix Prep, 10 am
September 23 at Odyssey, 8 am
September 30 vs North Phoenix Prep at Scottsdale Christian, 10 am
October 7 vs Scottsdale Christian at North Phoenix Prep, 8 am
October 21 at Gilbert Christian, 10 am
October 28 Playoffs, TBA

Jr. High Volleyball
September 5 vs Odyssey 
B Team 4 pm, A Team 6 pm
September 8 at Anthem Prep
 B Team 4 pm, A Team 5:30 pm
September 18 vs Glendale Prep
 B Team 4 pm, A Team 6 pm
September 23 at Trivium Prep 
B Team 9 am, A Team 9 am
September 29 at Cicero Prep 
B Team 2 pm, A Team 4 pm
October 9 at North Phoenix Prep 
B Team 4 pm, A Team 4 pm
October 21 vs Maryvale,
 B Team 4:30 pm
October 27 Playoffs, TBA

Jr. High Cross Country
August 29 at Scottsdale Sports Complex, POSTPONED
September 9 at Espee Park, 7 am
September 16 at Granada Park, 7 am
September 23 at Kiwanis Park, 7 am
October 21 at Freestone Park, 7 am
October 28 Championship Meet at Bullard Wash Park, 8 am


2017-2018 Winter Athletic Schedules

Jr. High Baseball
To Be Announced

Jr. High Softball
To Be Announced

Jr. High Boys Soccer
To Be Announced

Jr. High Girls Soccer
To Be Announced

2018 Spring Athletic Schedules

Jr. High Boys Basketball
To Be Announced

Jr. High Girls Basketball
To Be Announced

Jr. High Track and Field
To Be Announced

Jr. High Boys Basketball A Team at Odyssey

Today the Falcons took on the Minotaurs from Odyssey. It was very close and intense the whole game. The final score was 47 to 46 in favor of Odyssey. The leading scorer for the Falcons was Gage Watkins with 16 points. Coach Pacitti said, “That was the best we’ve played all season, even though we lost that was a great experience for the guys to play in a close game like that where the smallest thing could be a huge factor in the game. “

Jr. High Girls Basketball at Odyssey

North Pointe Prep lost to Odyssey Prep 42-8. The Lady Falcons were led by  Kimberly Aguilar with 6 points and Evelyn Racancoj chipped in with two points. “The ladies played their best defensive game and seemed to understand and  executed the proper principles on defense. We had more scoring opportunities  and came up a little short but progress has been made with the offense. I am very proud how all of the girls have taken the challenge on defense and  continue to work hard to get better on offensive end,” said Coach Plaza.

Jr. High Boys Basketball B Team at Odyssey

Today the North Pointe Prep Falcons lost a close one 26-19 to the Odyssey Prep Minotaurs. The Falcons leading scorer was Kevin Valenzuela with 11 points. Despite being tied at halftime, the Falcons lost their momentum and trailed the entire second half. “I was proud of the way the kids played today, even though we lost, the team played tough until the very last second. The Minotaurs hit a few wild shots at the end, if not for those this game would’ve ended differently. But we won’t linger on the what-ifs, we just gotta keep moving forward,” said Coach Pinches.

Jr. High Boys Basketball A Team vs Trivium Prep

Today the Falcons took on the boys from Trivium Prep. It was a great display of competition from both sides. Trivium took the win in this one with a final score of 41-31. The leading scorer for the Falcons was Joey Rock with 9 points. Coach Pacitti said, “Our problem today was rebounding and missing layups. If we did those two things just a little bit better it would have been a completely different game. We are definitely going to work on both of these things in practice so we don’t lose like this again. “

Jr. High Boys Basketball B Team vs Trivium Prep

Today the North Pointe Prep Falcons took on the Trivium Prep Knights in a thrilling game that went down to the wire, with the Falcons coming out on top 40-36. The Falcons had a 12 point lead going into the second half, but Trivium tied it up with about three minutes to go. The teams went back and forth in the final minutes but North Pointe rallied together and finished the game. Josh Henriksen led the team with a huge 23 points. “I’m so proud of these guys for today’s game. They really fought hard. We knew it would be a close game, and that if we were gonna win we had to rebound better than them. Now teams are really gonna be coming for us, the rest of the season is gonna be tough, but we’re playing at a high level, we can finish the season strong with wins like we had today,” said Coach Pinches.

Jr. High Girls Basketball vs Trivium Prep

The Jr. High Lady Falcons lost to Trivium Prep 37-9. North Pointe Prep was led by Ilyana Quinonez scoring five points while Kiara Smith and Kimberly Aguilar chipped in with two points apiece. “The ladies are improving everyday and they just have to continue to learn the various aspects of offense and defense and they will see success. I am very proud with all of our players and it is fun to see their improved performance,” said Coach Plaza.