Varsity Girls Soccer vs Page

The Lady Falcons hosted their final home game against Page Sand Devils. North Pointe was outscored 7-0, yet the lady Falcons were able play head to head throughout the majority of the 1st half, ending the 1sthalf of the game 0-2 in favor of the Sand Devils. By the end of the game, (Fr.) Reyna Gil had over 20 saves in the, (Jr) Cynthia Gil had 7 shots, (So.) Sara Strey had 5 shots, and Ashiyah Wheeler had 3 shots. In the midfield, (So.) Sabrina Bohn, (So.) Mary Mena, and (So.) Lizi Gastelum broke up passes, won goal kicks from Page’s defense, punts from the goalie, and created many break away passes for the Lady Falcon offense. The Lady Falcons defense: (Jr.) Citclay Ortiz, (So.) Nikki Gibbons, (So.) Kimberly Montes, and (Fr.) Wendy Mendoza had a great season ending performance in the 1st half, controlling the ball from the 18 yd. to the circle with physical play and double teaming, only allowing 2 goal, 1 earned and 1 unearned. (Fr.) Paloma Delgado was injured for the final game and unfortunately could not participate. “Today’s game, regardless of score started out with a huge needed bang. Intercepting passes and imposing will in the midfield and taking early shots on goal in the early 1st minutes of the game. We ended the season having zero subs and at times playing with 10 players, we ended this game with our head held high – I was very proud of their game ending season with the girls knowing where they stood throughout the whole game,” said Coach Marcos.

Varsity Girls Soccer at Anthem Prep

The North Pointe Prep Falcons girls soccer team lost Tuesday’s away conference game against Anthem Prep by a score of 13-0. “We are looking to get our 1st win this season and the girls never give up in our games. We have several players capable of scoring, the defense is key at this point.” Said Coach Marcos

Varsity Girls Soccer vs Valley Christian

The Lady Falcons hosted the Valley Christian Trojans in their 6th game of the season. North Pointe was outscored 7-0, yet were able to keep the 1st half competitive, making several runs on goal by Ashiyah Wheeler, Wendy Mendoza, and Sara Strey (4 shots taken on goal by Sara Strey). With a lack substitutes and lots of injuries, hopefully the Christmas break will provide some good recooperation time. “Our plan during the break is to heals some of our injuries and build up as much endurance possible to have a competitive 2nd half of the season.” Said Coach Marcos

Varsity Girls Soccer at Glendale Prep

The Lady Falcons traveled to Glendale Prep for their 4th game of the season. North Pointe worked as has hard as possible to defend, but were outscored 7-0. Still battling injuries made for a difficult afternoon. “We still have lots of season left to get some success this season. With the winter break coming soon, my hope is to get 2 wins under our belt and stay healthy,” said Coach Gil.

Varsity Girls Soccer vs Fountain Hills

The Lady Falcons had their season opener home game against the 2016 3A champions, Fountain Hills. North Pointe struggled to defend their side of the field in the 1st half against the state champs, allowing 6 goals going into halftime. Although allowing 4 more goals in the 2nd half, the Lady Falcons were winning and moving the ball in the mid-field as if it was 0-0, creating opportunities themselves with 6 shots on goal by (2) Nikki Gibbons, (2) Sabrina Bohn, and (2) Sara Strey. “Although we didn’t make good adjustments in the 1st half, our ladies made huge strides by making many 30 and 40 yard attacks in the 2nd – very proud of the little things I asked of them coming out of halftime.” said Coach Gil.

Varsity Girls Soccer at Casteel

The Lady Falcons traveled to Casteel for their 2016 season opener. North Pointe worked as has hard as possible to defend their side of the field and put balls into the back of their opponents net, yet were outscored 8-0. Several injuries made it difficult for the Lady Falcons to keep their heads in the game. “Staying focused in difficult games such as these is our take away. Losses will happen yet losing our composure is not part of a winning formula –  lessons learned for the next match.” said Coach Gil.

Varsity Girls Soccer vs Benjamin Franklin

The Lady Falcon Varsity soccer team lost last night 3-0 in their last game of the season against Benjamin Franklin High School. The game was a much more evenly played match; however, our Lady Falcons allowed 1 unearned goals in the 1st and 2nd halves. (Fr.) Vanessa Webb, (Fr.) Sara Strey, (So.) Sabrina Bohn, (So.) Cynthia Gil, and (Jr.) Ashyah Wheeler all had opportunities to put the ball in the back of the net throughout the game. NP’s offensive spent just as much time on Benjamin Franklin’s side of the field as they did ours. Defensively, (Fr.) Nikki Gibbons and (Fr.) Haley Garcia did a fine job as stoppers in the back field, while defenders (Fr.) Marissa Moore, (So.) Samantha De La Rosa, (So.) Cynthia Gil, and (Sr.) Yasmin Aguilar broke up Benjamin Franklin’s offense. Lastly, after having a difficult time identifying a full-time goalie during the season, (Fr.) Syndey Lucero stepped up to the challenge at hand. Sydney was able to prevent 6 shots on goal and broke up three 1-on-1 break a ways in last night’s match. Overall, over the past several games Sydney really became a leader in the goal, commanding her defense to clear and loose ball, or cover a player when necessary. “All of the girls on the field gave it their all throughout the season, even with injuries, aches, and pains, our ladies bonded through it all. Some of the players who have never played soccer until this season became effective starters for their team. With a young squad, NP has a bright future with our soccer program over the next 4 years – I am very proud of the accomplishments they showed on the field as individuals, teammates, and as new friends” said Coach Gil.