Competition Partner Stunt – AIA Qualifiers at Verrado HS

North Pointe’s competition partner stunt team competed for the AIA State Qualifiers at Verrado High School. The warmups went extremely well, and there was only one drop during the routine. The Falcons were able to finish their routine strongly, and the crowd loved their enthusiasm. “The Partner Stunt team worked hard and gave it all they had,” said Coach Moore.

HS Competition Partner Stunt AIA State Championship

On Saturday, January 14th, 2017, Mikayla Shepherd, Kenny Hunley, and Rosie Minkova participated in the Partner Stunt Coed Division 2 State Championship Cheer Competition at Gilbert High School. With Rosie as their spotter, Mikayla and Kenny had a great warmup, and then performed a solid and clean routine, with only one minor drop at the end. The partner stunt team placed 5th and showed major improvement from 10th place at State Qualifiers. “I’m proud of how they have shown their toughness and improved on their routine,” said Coach Moore.