JH Volleyball Playoff Game at Chandler Prep

The Jr High Falcon Volleyball team played in the first round of play-offs against Chandler Prep at Chandler Prep. Chandler Prep defeated the Falcons in two games 25-17 and 25-4. Victoria White had a total of five serves over with two aces. She also had a tip. Brenna Cilley had four serves with one ace and one tip. “The Falcons played well together and were aggressive at the net. It has been a great season watching the ladies grow in their skills during the season.”

JH Volleyball vs Maryvale Prep

The Falcons hosted Maryvale Prep in the Nest on October 16, 2018. Maryvale Prep defeated the Falcons in both sets, 25-27, 14-25 and 25-22, 14-25, 12-15. Victoria White had 5 hits and two tips on the game as well as 5 ace serves. Gabriella Faast was hot at the service line with 14 serves over, 5 of those aces. She also got her first hit in a game. Addison Mitich got 75% of her serves over. There were many exciting volleys going back and forth over the net. “The Falcons have improved so much. It has been exciting to see how far they have come. The Falcons are learning to be more confident at the net and are hitting the ball in games.”

JH Volleyball at North Phoenix Prep

On October 5, 2018, the Falcons were defeated in two sets by the North Phoenix Gladiators at North Phoenix with scores of 5-25, 25-20, 11-25 and 11-25. Kanah Brown led the Falcons at the service line with four serves in a game, one of those an ace. Victoria White had a total of seven serves over, three of those aces, two hits, one an ace, and a beautiful dig. Hope Chapman got her first serve over for an ace. “The Falcons are learning to work together. It is fun to watch them communicate with each other and volley back and forth with the other teams. The second game was a nail-biter with In the Falcons going back and forth with the lead.”

JH Volleyball vs Cicero Prep

On September 27, 2018, The Junior High Volleyball team played Cicero Prep in the Nest. Cicero prevailed over the Falcons in close sets, 25-9, 14-25, 11-15 and 25-11, 15-25, 5-15. Mirtha Peralta and Addison Mitich we’re hot at the service line. Mirtha served 14-14 serves in play. Addison had 11 serves over and three of those were aces. Alyssa Villalobos helped the team with a run of six points at the service line in the first game. “There were a number of rallies that had the fans biting their nails. The team really played well together, running down balls and being aggressive at the net. It was really fun to watch them play together.”

JH Volleyball at Trivium Prep

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, The Junior High Falcon Volleyball team played Trivium Prep. The Knights were victorious over the Falcons in the double header, 25-15, 25-2 and 25-15, 25-7. Victoria White put 11 serves in play, had 4 tips, and a hit. Gabriella Faast had a hitting ace. Victoria Oschlenschlager had a hit in the game as well. “The Falcons had some excellent rallies. Victoria White and Gabriella Faast had two beautiful digs during the game as well. It was exciting to watch the Falcons play.”

JH Volleyball vs Glendale Prep

The Falcon Junior High Volleyball team went up against Glendale Prep. on September 11, 2018 in the Nest. Glendale Prep was victorious in both sets, 5-25, 22-25 and 7-15 and 14-25 and 15-25 in the second set. Daizy Younan served for 15 points in game 2 of the first set, 8 of those were aces. She was able to serve all twenty of her serves in play with a total of 11 aces for the evening. Mirtha Peralta got in 5 serves with one ace. Victoria White served two aces, four tipping aces, a hitting ace and a beautiful dig on the court. “The ladies played well together when they were calling the ball. There were some great volleys that had the crowd biting their nails. It was exciting to watch,” said Coach Erickson.

JH Volleyball 9.5.18

The Junior High Falcon Volleyball team played Odyssey Prep in the Nest on September 5, 2018. Odyssey Prep defeated the Falcons in the double header, 8-25, 13-25 and 2-25, 6-25. Addison Mitich had an ace serve in the first game. Alyssa Villalobos got two ace serves and was hot at the service line, serving 5 of the 6 serves over. Leslie Cortez scored two points off her serve as well. “The Falcons will continue to build off of our serves,” said Coach Erickson