JH Girls Soccer vs Cicero Prep

Jr High Girls Soccer lost 4-0 Friday night against Cicero Prep. The girls played a long game against a strong team with energy and determination. Goalkeeper Chloe Morrissey-Bracken made 8 saves. Brianna Armer had one shot on goal. “The girls always leave it all on the field and they encourage each other to do their best. It has been a good season.” -Coach Guyette

JH Girls Soccer

JH girls soccer lost 8-1 to Lincoln Prep. The girls played hard, leaving it all out on the field. Passing and positioning are improving. Brianna Armer scored on a free kick. Goalkeeper Chloe Morrissey-Bracken had 5 key saves. “The girls are greatly improving their passing and working on their communication. They are encouraging each other as they are learning together.” -Coach Guyette

JH Girls Soccer defeat North Phx Prep

JH girls soccer won 4-0 Tuesday against North Phoenix Prep. The girls played a strong defensive game and turned numerous breakaway plays into scoring opportunities.
Emily Tran scored one goal assisted by Kailyn Banks and Alex Key scored twice assisted by Brianna Armer and Emily Tran. Brianna Armer also scored assisted by Alexis Mounts.
“The girls’ teamwork and hustle was at top capacity today. Teamwork makes the dream work. I’m very proud of their game.” -Coach Guyette

JH Girls Soccer vs Glendale Prep

Although, the girls lost against Glendale Prep, 4-0, they played extremely well. There were tons of compliments about how far they’ve come this past week and I’m excited to see them improve further. Of course, we still have tons of work to do but by the end of the season I expect to see some fabulous players on the field. Chloe Morrissey-Bracken had several amazing saves in goal. Kailyn Banks had several attempts to score which was a first for her and Monique Gonzalez did absolutely amazing at defense keeping the other team from trying to score