JH Girls Basketball at Trivium Prep

Jr High Girls Basketball competed at Trivium Prep, March 2, 2018. The Falcons fell short 15-18. Gabriela Fasst lead the falcons in scoring with 6 points, while Alex Key pulled in 5 rebounds. Good patience and smart shooting lead us 15 points, but struggling to stop the fast break is what caused our deficit. “Strength and Growth will only come from continuous effort.” -Coach Torrez

Jr. High Girls Basketball at Odyssey

North Pointe Prep lost to Odyssey Prep 42-8. The Lady Falcons were led by  Kimberly Aguilar with 6 points and Evelyn Racancoj chipped in with two points. “The ladies played their best defensive game and seemed to understand and  executed the proper principles on defense. We had more scoring opportunities  and came up a little short but progress has been made with the offense. I am very proud how all of the girls have taken the challenge on defense and  continue to work hard to get better on offensive end,” said Coach Plaza.

Jr. High Girls Basketball vs Trivium Prep

The Jr. High Lady Falcons lost to Trivium Prep 37-9. North Pointe Prep was led by Ilyana Quinonez scoring five points while Kiara Smith and Kimberly Aguilar chipped in with two points apiece. “The ladies are improving everyday and they just have to continue to learn the various aspects of offense and defense and they will see success. I am very proud with all of our players and it is fun to see their improved performance,” said Coach Plaza.

Jr. High Girls Basketball vs Anthem Prep

North Pointe Prep lost to Anthem Prep 24-5. Kiara Smith led the scoring with 5 points. “We have two days of practice to improve our defense and offense before our next game on Friday. The girls are putting out good effort and are getting better everyday,” said Coach Plaza.

Jr. High Girls Basketball vs Odyssey

The Jr. High Lady Falcons lost to Odyssey 38-6. North Pointe Prep was led by Ilyana Quinones with 4 points while Kimberly Aguilar chipped in with 2 points. “The girls played really hard and improved on their defensive performance from the previous game. I am happy to see their progress as they improve game by game,” said Coach Plaza.

Jr. High Girls Basketball vs PEC

The Jr. High Lady Falcons played their first game of the season but lost to the Paradise Education Center team 36-2. Takyra Newman scored our only points as we had a tough time to start the game but got things together on the defensive end in the second half. “I am very pleased with their effort as they continue to learn and get better every day whether in practice or games,” said Coach Plaza.

Jr. High Girls Basketball at Cicero Prep

Lady Falcons played an away game at Cicero Prep in Scottsdale. With only a total of five players, the Lady Falcons were defeated 11-29. Leading scorer of the night was Paulina Martinez-Romo with 5 points, going 1-1 at the freethrow line, and driving down the lane twice for another two buckets. “The first half of the game was pretty good. Our defense was tough and aggressive, and we rotated correctly during the opposing teams quick ball movement. The only thing that caught us off guard was Cicero’s pressure on the ball full court. We seemed to turn the ball over quite a bit when we tried to dribble past the defenders down the middle. It didn’t help that we only had a total of 5 girls. We had one get injured half way thru the second half and so we played 9 minutes with only 4 girls. We still managed to score another 6 points, but my poor girls got tired near the end. They played a great game. Especially when down to four players, they made sure to be more active in rotating on the floor. It was a tough loss but I’m definitely proud of the way they played tonight! They displayed great effort! One last season game and we’re for sure looking for a win before we head into playoffs,” says Coach Brittany.