Varsity Volleyball at Camp Verde High School

The North Pointe Falcons Varsity Volleyball team faces the Camp Verde cowboys tonight and fell 0-3. Although the Falcons had a positive hitting percentage and over 50 digs, the team couldn’t pull out the win. “We had opportunity after opportunity tonight to close out a set but did not maintain the intensity and focus needed. Serve-receive continues to be a struggle. Defense looked really good tonight.” Says Coach Wolfer about tonight’s match. The Falcons have two matches left, both at home. Thursday, they will face Northland Prep at 6pm.

Varsity Volleyball vs Valley Lutheran

The North Pointe Falcons faced the Valley Lutheran Flames tonight and fell 0-3. While the Falcons played a very strong game defensively, the inconsistencies in passing out of serve-receive and offensive execution led to their demise. Statistically, the Falcons had 51 digs, another season high, and maintained an 89% serve-in percentage. “The ladies had a great defensive game tonight, unfortunately it still comes down to passing and our ability to put the ball away.  Against tough teams like this, we have to execute and we didn’t do that tonight” says coach Wolfer about tonight’s match.  This is a busy week for the Falcons as they are on the road again tomorrow to face the Camp Verde Cowboys for the second time.

Varsity Volleyball at Sedona Red Rock High School

The North Pointe Falcons battled the Sedona Red Rock Scorpions and fell 0-3. The Falcons has their best match of the season statistically serving 87% in, hitting .176 and finishing with a. Total of 30 digs. Junior outside hitter, Abby Rice led both the defense and offense with 8 digs and 6 kills (.200 hitting percentage).  “This was a good match and the girls fought hard. Our passing still hurts us. We take too long to side out, which gives the other team the advantage. Even though we didn’t win, statistically this was a great match. The girls had more digs tonight than in any other match — our defense was very strong” says Coach Wolfer about tonight’s match. The Falcons will be home on Monday October 25th and will face the Valley Lutheran Flames.

Varsity Volleyball at Glendale Prep

The Falcons faced the Glendale Prep Griffins tonight and fell 0-3.  The Falcons end of the match with a positive hitting percentage of .156 and an 87% serve-in percentage. “Serve receive continues to hurt us, and ultimately resulted in our loss. However, the ladies played amazing defense tonight, and having a positive hitting percentage against such a tough team is a great accomplishment. Even though we did not pull out the win tonight, we scored more points on Glendale prep than the last time we face them”  says Coach Wolfer about tonight‘s match. The Falcons are on the road Thursday to Sedona and will face the  Sedona red rock scorpions at 6pm.

Varsity Volleyball at Gilbert Christian

The Flacons faced the Gilbert Christian Knights tonight and fell 0-3. The Flacons were hit with a few injuries this past week that has players playing out of position but they still battled in tonight’s match. The Falcons set a season record serve-in percentage of 93%. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to come out on top against the Gilbert Christian Knights. “Serving was phenomenal tonight, but that skill alone could not carry us in this match. Our passing and hitting really hurt us tonight. We have been working on serve receive this week; it’s been the focus of every practice and yet the team passed 1.1 tonight. Without passing, we can’t make a play and we definitely felt that tonight,” says Coach Wolfer about tonight’s match. The Falcons will face the Glendale Prep Griffins on Tuesday at Glendale Prep.

Varsity Volleyball at Phoenix Country Day

 The North Pointe Falcons Varsity Volleyball team faced the Phoenix Country Day School Eagles and fell 0-3. “Today we struggled making good decisions out of system. There were times where the girls were relentless in pursuit of the volleyball, and other times where a ball dropped.  We need to find some consistency in our effort and in our focus.  We earned more  points on this team than the last time we faced them, which shows improvement. We will cling to that going into practice tomorrow and into our next match on Thursday.“  says Coach Wolfer about tonight‘s match. The Falcons have an away match at Gilbert Christian on Thursday at 6 PM.

Varsity Volleyball at Northland Prep

The  North Pointe Falcons faced the Northland Prep Spartans tonight and fell 0-3. The Falcons had a positive hitting percentage, and passed a 1.7 out of serve receive.  Abby Rice lead passing with a 2.0.  Jasmine Norton let the offense with five kills.  Setter, Brooke Garnett had 10 assists. “Our inconsistencies  our inconsistencies Really hurt us tonight. We need to maintain  really hurt us tonight. We need to maintain  our intensity and energy throughout the entire match,“  says Coach Wolfer about tonight‘s match.  The Falcons have another away match on Thursday against Scottsdale Prep.