Varsity Softball vs Snowflake at Snowflake

The Varsity Softball team faced off against Snowflake in postseason and were defeated 6-1. Pitcher Sophia Rabayda had a pretty good game on the mound with 8 strikeouts, and there was some great fielding by Catcher Cynthia Gil, Short Stop Chloe Santini, and First Baseman Collette Gallagher. But a double by Cynthia Gil and singles from Sara Strey and Carly Cabral weren’t enough to pull out the win. “The girls should be really proud of how they did this season,” said Coach Stephenson.

Varsity Softball vs ASU Prep at Rose Mofford

The Varsity Softball team faced off against ASU Prep at Rose Mofford for the last game of the regular season, winning 10 – 2. Pitcher Sophia Rabayda struck out 7 and, assisted by some strong fielding, held ASU Prep to 2 runs in 7 innings. Sophia also earned an inside-the-park homerun and a single, while Carly Cabral hit a triple, Cynthia Gil hit 2 doubles and a single, Sarah Strey hit a double and 3 singles, Sharon Larsala hit a double, and Collete Gallagher hit 2 singles. “The girls stepped up, especially at bat and running the bases, to make this a great last regular season game,” said Coach Stephenson.

Varsity Softball vs Yuma Catholic at Yuma Catholic

The Varsity Softball team jumped out to an early lead at Yma Catholic with a run by Sara Strey moved around the bases by Cynthia Gil, and thanks to some strong pitching by Sophia Rabayda and great catches by Carly Cabral in center field and Sara Strey in left field, along with some hard work in the infield, they held the lead for three innings. But the batting never really got going for the Falcons, and North Pointe lost 5-1. “Our defense looked pretty solid today,, but unfortunately we couldn’t capitalize at the plate,” said Coach Stephenson.

Varsity Softball vs Fountain Hills

After a back and forth fight on a very windy afternoon, the Varsity Softball team pulled out a victory against Fountain Hills 19-18, Sophia Rabayda opened the hitting floodgates with a huge homerun in the second inning and followed it up with a triple, while Chloe Santini had a homerun and a double, Sara Strey and Alma Pineda hit two doubles each, and Cynthia Gil and Carly Cabral both had a double and two singles. Sharon Larsala also pulled through for her team with a huge triple. “The girls pulled together as a team for this win, and it was really exciting to watch,” said Coach Stephenson.

Varsity Softball vs Valley Christian at Rose Mofford Park

The Falcons came out strong on defense against Valley Christian at Rose Mofford Park. Pitcher Sophia Rabayda struck out 8, while Jenny Dickson had some great catches at second base, and Collette Gallagher, Sophia Rabayda, and Cynthia Gil collaborated on a run – saving double play to end the 6th inning. On offense Collette Gallagher hit a double, while Sara Strey hit 3 singles and Jenny Dickson hit 2. It was a good fight, but North Pointe fell short, losing 2 – 3. “The hits weren’t falling today, but the girls played hard, and we’re looking forward to facing off against this team again soon,” said Coach Stephenson.