Varsity Football vs ASU Prep

The Falcons fell short on senior night with a loss to ASU prep 34 to 7. The Falcons were hindered by the same demons all year with injuries, poor execution and bad line play. “I feel bad for the seniors,” said Coach Cluckey, “I think they deserved more.” The Falcons moved the ball up and down the field but could not punch it in, however, they scored on special teams with a 94 yard kickoff return from Ethan Conroy.

Varsity Football vs Casteel

The Falcons traveled to Casteel for a region match up. North Pointe battled hard, but ultimately fell by a score of 72-0. Injuries made it difficult for the Falcons to get any offense going and defense stops throughout the game. “We are continuing to battle each game and learning to face adversity. The guys are continuing to work hard,” said Coach Clukey.

Varsity Football vs Yuma Catholic at Apollo High School


The North Pointe Falcons were on the short end last night 63 to 0 but did they really lose. The stats show that Orlando Chavez  threw for only 65 yards and our offense was lead by Toby Wiley with 52 receiving yards. Defensively we struggled to stop the Yuma offense, however, Ethan Conroy and Toby Wiley again lead the stats in that area. The goal of any coach should always be to teach beyond the game, make a player understand their actions today will mold their future. Last night I saw the last 11 people available on our roster look at each other and say we are it fellas and we have 18 minutes left in this game. To a man they said we will not forfeit and we will finish this game.

Varsity Football vs Valley Christian at Moon Valley

The Falcons dropped a home game to the visiting team, Valley Christian, 76-0. North Pointe struggled from the beginning with turning the ball over, which led to points for Valley Christian. The Falcons were led in passing yards by senior Orlando Chavez. Injuries continue to hamper the Falcons as they will look to get back to the gridiron Friday vs Yuma Catholic. “Our team is still learning what it takes to compete. While they have worked hard and showed growth, we still have a long way to go,” said Coach Cluckey.

Varsity Football at Fountain Hills

The Falcons lost last night 55-13 in a very one sided affair. Offensively the Falcons scored 13 points in the second half on the Fountain Hills second string, however could not get anything moving all night. The first three series were game planned to perfection however the execution was not there with poor passing and dropped passes. Defensively we struggled all night with tackling and have not grasped the concept of being aggressive to the ball. “I don’t  feel any of the teams are better,” said coach Cluckey, “I think we just don’t have a football instinct or mentality to compete.”

Varsity Football vs Odyssey

The Falcons came up short last night with a final score of 48 to 32 on homecoming. The Falcons scored five touchdowns led by Toby Wiley with scores from 93,42 and 50 yards and totaling 238 in total reception yards. Other scores from Ethan Conroy from 7 yards and totaling 117 yards receiving and Joe Faast from 5 yards out rounded out the scoring. Orlando Chavez led the team with 24 of 36 passes totaling 470 yards which is a school record. I am please to see Orlando really starting to understand the offense as it shows on the scoreboard. He is starting to understand the reads of a defense and has begun to take control of the offense. Defense was led by number 12 Ethan Conroy who had 20 tackles and also contributed with 117 yards on offense. Daniel Ritchie also had 12 tackles and 60 yards in receptions last night which show his versatility. “I can see we have a group of players (mostly seniors) who are stepping up to lead this team and understanding that good things come from hard work and to never quit. We still have issues in line play on both sides of the ball which directly influences the outcome of a game,” said coach Cluckey.  We struggle with tackling on special teams and identifying where to kick the ball which is unfortunate as it contributed to at least 3 scores. For some reason we are having a hard time understanding what we are supposed to do on defense as we go over it time after time and still can not execute. The calls are directly to the play we just don’t do our job.  My hope is that we can take the good from this game and build on it for next week.”

Varsity Football at Chino Valley

The Falcons took to the road for a matchup with Chino Valley. North Pointe struggled throughout the contest and lost 56-14. On the Falcons first possession of the game, Orland Chavez completed a deep ball to Thomas Burkhardt for a 76 yd touchdown pass. The only only score for the Falcons came in the second half when Chavez completed a pass to Toby Wiley for a 25 yard touchdown. “The Falcons need to continue to build confidence while also needing to find more heart and passion and continue to keep working,” said Coach Cluckey.