Competition Pom – AIA Qualifiers at Verrado HS

North Pointe’s Pom team competed at the AIA Spiritline State Qualifiers in Buckeye at Verrado High School. The coed Pom team “worked it” to a Britney Spears inspired mash up. Though the team did not qualify for the State Championship in January, the team put on a great performance. Miss Dabkowski, the Pom team coach commented, “This team has never competed in a Pom competition before and it is insane how much they have improved in such a short period of time! They made me unbelievably proud!”

HS Competition Pom at AIA State Championships

On Saturday, January 14th, 2017 the Pom Team competed in the AIA State Championship at Gilbert High School. The team improved the routine they brought to qualifiers by adding additional skills, different floor formations and overall sharper movements. Seniors Taht Mason, Becky Heller, Mikayla Shepherd and sophomore Haley Garcia brought great energy and smiles which resulted in a great performance.  “For this competition we set a team goal and we met it, there’s not a lot more a coach can ask for. I’m extremely happy with the results of the competition and the season as a whole. The seniors will be greatly missed next year. They hold a very special place in my heart, they were members of the first Pom team I’ve ever coached and I learned as much from them (if not more) as they did from me,” Miss Cara, Pom coach and dance teacher. 

Competition Pom at AIA State Qualifier

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, the Pom Team competed in the AIA State Qualifiers. Taht Mason, Becky Heller, Mikayla Shepherd and Haley Garcia brought a fun routine, along with their smiles energy which earned them a spot at the State Championship on January 14, 2017 at Gilbert High School. “These girls have grown so much as individuals and as a team. I am so proud of them,” Miss Cara commented.

Competition Pom at AIA State Championships

On Saturday, January 23, 2016, the Pom team attended the AIA State Championship at Grand Canyon University. The Pom team competed for the Division II Pom Coed Title as well as teamed up with North Pointe’s Cheer and Partner Stunt Team for the Over All Spiritline Championship Title. The 80’s themed routine went through many changes and improvements since the state qualifier in November. All seven girls danced their hearts out and took seventh place. North Pointe Prep received runner up for the Over All Spiritline Coed Division Title.

Competition Pom at Cactus Cup Challenge

On Saturday, January 16, 2016, the Pom team attended the Cactus Cup Competition in Cave Creek, AZ. Amongst Pom teams, Jazz and Hip Hop dance teams, as well as soloists participated in this event. Along side North Pointe, fifteen other teams competed in the Small Pom Division. North Pointe’s routine brought great showmanship and an 80’s flare. “I am pleased with the pom teams performance today. The routine was crisp and was at an all time high,” said Coach Dabkowski.

Competition Cheer and Pom at AIA State Championships

The AIA State Spiritline Championships was this past weekend. Competition Cheer, Competition Pom, and Partner Stunt were all competing for a chance of a state title. The championship is held in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We got to the competition at 7:30 and started to prepare for our long day of events. First was partner stunt. Coach Alex said “I am so proud of Tyler Reddin and Mikayla Shepherd. They have been practicing together for only six months and qualified for State their first time together as partner stunt. Many partner stunt pairs have years of experience.” Tyler and Mikayla with their spotter Rosie took the mat at state and made a huge presence. Tyler and Mikayla hit a strong routine with a lot of energy. They ended up taking 6th place at State. Coach Alex said “These two have the potential to be amazing in partner stunt, they are both committed to working really hard this summer to advance their skills. These two are going to do great things, just wait and see.”

The next team to perform was Pom. These girls and guy are the defending State Pom Champions. During qualifiers they placed second to Globe and have been working on harder skill since November. They knew what needed to be done to take the first place title at State they needed to hit their routine flawlessly. We they took the floor at competition and the music started it was a little low and I thought they might get off count, said coach Alex. The low music did not throw them off and they brought the house down with their performance. The crowd loved the routine, and after their performance Jace Lefevers was interviewed about his performance and he said “It was what I hoped it would be, and considering it my first year on pom I think I did pretty exceptional.” Jace was right the pom routine was exceptional and they took the title home again this year, back to back pom State champions!

Cheer was the last team to perform on Saturday. We worked really hard in practice all week to clean up the small details of the routine. Coach Alex said “This team has so much raw talent and in the short time I’ve been their coach I have seen them grow and progress.” We circled up for the last time this season behind the curtain. I told them “This is your time, I want you to go out there and leave it all on the mat. I don’t want you to walk off the mat thinking you could have done something better. Now is your time to do it for one another, own that mat.” As soon as the team took the floor and the music started they did just that. They had their best performance of the season they hit everything! This team is more than just getting together to do a routine, they are a family! They know they have 23 brothers and sisters they can depend on. Cheer ended up bringing home 3rd place at the State Championships.

The best was yet in store, we were going for the Overall Division II State Championship. To qualify you must have an entry in every division; partner stunt, pom, and cheer. Then they combine your scores from all three event and the school with the highest score takes home the division title.  They called all of the top five schools down to the floor and slowly started announcing the places. When they got to second place and announced Douglas we knew this meant we won. Next the moment we had dreamed and worked so hard for. They announced North Pointe Prep Overall Division II State Champions. It was a great moment with many tears of happiness. Coach Alex said “I couldn’t have asked for a better first season! As a new coach to a school it’s always an adjustment, and these athletes welcomed me with open arms. This team had two great senior leaders Aubrey Martin and Samantha Burgmeier who always set a great example, even when things were hard they kept the team up with positivity. I am honored to be a part of a program with a long history of excellence, and I hope to keep this legacy of excellence going for many seasons to come!”

Competition Cheer and Pom at Cactus Cup

The Competition Cheer and Pom teams competed this past weekend at the UCA Cactus Cup Competition. Coach Alex said “The week leading up to this competition was difficult for both pom and cheer. I just wanted both teams to go out there and use this as a warm-up before our big AIA state competition next week.” Cheer competed first and started off really strong, but made a couple of stunt mistakes. Pom competed second and had great energy, but had a few timing issues. Coach Alex said “I am beyond proud of our team’s performances this weekend, especially after the week we had. I am glad we made the mistakes we did now, instead of next week at state. Both teams will be working extra hard in practices this week to prepare for state.”