Varsity Girls Basketball at Gilbert Christian High School

Well folks it is like knight and day with this season. Tonight the Lady Falcons took on the Gilbert Christian Knights who currently lead 3A Metro East. I was going to start this off titled “in the land of giants” but decided to go another route, but seriously they were ALL tall. Tonight marks the best performance of the season. Even though we knew this was going to be a very very tough game.

The Lady Falcons showed what they were made of. Before the game coach Alley gathered his girls just off the court and laid out the plan. “Control what we can control. #1 protect the ball; make good decisions with passing and dribbling. #2 play hard on defense; out hustle them, make them uncomfortable, be a pest. #3 work to get a clean open shot on offense, take what’s there and don’t force it.” Well the Lady Falcons did just that. They took what the coach had said and executed the game plan. Though the final Score was 56-19, the Lady Falcons fought the whole game.

Leading the way was senior captain Cianya Murillo, who took the offensive fight on her shoulders. She led the way with shots taken, had 5 points and 3 steals. She was just too quick for most of the Knights but she just needed a little more composure and would have easily had 20 points on the night.

Junior captain Abbie Barajas had a heck of a night down low. Even though she was surrounded by girls at least 5 to 6 inches taller than her, she still ended up with a team high 9 rebounds. Abbie also had 2 points and 5 blocks. Junior Markita Echeverri had her best game to date. Going 75% from the free throw line and out hustling the much larger, taller opposition.

Gen Agasaulio had probably her best performance as well. Hitting a team high 6 points, 1 block and the 1 steal. More importantly, she only had 4 turnovers all game! Dayanna Morgan and Sharon Larsala also each bad 4 rebounds on the night.

Well with the Holiday break coming up, be sure to check your calendars for the next time the Lady Falcons are in action!

Varsity Girls Basketball at Camp Verde High School

Well the weather is just a little colder and elevation a little higher but those changes weren’t the difference tonight as the Lady Falcons traveled up north to Camp Verde. The Lady Falcons jumped out to a 4-0 lead as the Cowboys seemed just a little slow out of the blocks or maybe in this case the chutes. Quick shots by Gen Agsaulio And Abbie Barajas started the quick mini-run. Gen went on to finish with 4 points and Abbie with the team high 6.

From there the Cowboys found their rhythm. It seemed only a matter of time before they did, with 4 of their 5 starters now in their 3rd year together. The junior heavy team turned the tide on the Lady Falcons led by point guard #24, sure to be an All-State 1st team candidate. They played with that kind of cohesiveness that is hard to find in even pro or collegiate levels, let alone a small town in the middle of Arizona on the girls varsity basketball team.

The Falcons missed senior Sharon due to an apparent injury. That absence meant the bench had to step up big time. With seniors Leah Pacitti and Dayanna Morgan tag teaming the #4 position they gave the talented lady Cowboys all they could handle at times. Both ladies along with junior Markita Echeverri put in excellent shifts when called upon. And don’t let the “lady” part fool you. The game was physical with the referees allowing quite a bit of shenanigans. So much so that Dayanna got a black eye from a “lady” cowboy for her hustle and hard work. Dayanna fought though the swelling eye and finished the game out with the grit and determination that the rest of the Lady Falcons started with.

The heart of the team, senior Ciyana Murillo put in a heck of a shift being asked to man mark the talented aforementioned #24. Ciyana had 4 steals to go with her 4 points and 2 rebounds. She did so well, the opposing coach complemented her performance as she kept their star (#24) to well below her season averages.

Tiny but mighty Gen had a tough night. Just a sophomore, her potential is almost limitless. The much taller and very aggressive Cowboys along with lenient referees meant the learning curve was steep, But her rate of progress was impressive. The coach has asked a lot of the young 14 year old, but he knows she
Can shoulder the responsibility.

Awesome Abbie Barajas, a junior, played lights out and was the only real presence down in the paint for the Lady Falcons. The team already undersized against the very tall Cowboys, Abbie was harassed and pushed and even a few times kicked. Didn’t seem to bother her, the amazing attitude and her hard work just kept moving forward. She showed her leadership potential as she was ready to pick up the slack where her absent teammates left a few holes. She clawed, grabbed and banged around the boards all night. Even though she often had three opponents on her, she still dominated the paint with 10 rebounds in total.

All in all it was a tough night for the Lady Falcons who lost the contest 47-18. A
Few positives for the Lady Falcons: they improved their turn over ratio. They also held the Cowboys to their season low points total, which means defensively we are getting better. While the Lady Falcons missed a few layups they are making progress with their overall ball control, shooting and passing abilities.

Varsity Girls Basketball at Northland Prep

Tuesday saw the Lady Falcons tip off the season against Northland Prep. In the home opener the Lady Falcons looked ready for action as the relatively young and untested team lined up. Northland had a definite height advantage but the Lady Falcons didn’t seemed deterred matching up well with their size.

Throughout the night there seemed to be a pattern emerging. The Lady Falcons would get an easy shot or a lay up but seemed unable to finish, often getting a rebound or just losing the possession. For all the heights advantage Northland had senior Sharon Larsala and junior Abbey Barajas dominated the rebounds both offensively and on defense. Senior Ciyana Murillo’s hustle was just about enough to pull the Lady Falcons into the game but open shots just wouldn’t go in.

In the end Northland did enough to keep the hard working Lady Falcons behind with the final score 33-17.

Varsity Girls Basketball defeats Casteel HS

North Pointe’s Varsity Girls Basketball Team defeated Casteel 68-60 on Senior Night in The Nest. The Lady Falcons were led by Jalisa Garcia with 32 points and followed by Michelle Olotu with 15 points and 13 rebounds while Xena Benitez chipped in with 8 points. “The ladies did a fabulous job against a good team ranked tenth in the State. We fought the entire game and came away with the victory,” said Coach Plaza.

JV Girls Basketball vs Yuma Catholic

The JV Lady Falcons traveled to Yuma Catholic and returned with a victory over the Shamrocks by a score of 27-22. Sharon Larsala, who had her best game of the season, scored 13 points. Abigail Zugaste had a solid game with 8 points. Other contributions came from Markita Echeverri, Dayanna Morgan and Isabella Lara who scored two points each. Coach Reed said,”this was a total team effort from start to finish. Each of the girls made a contribution, either on offense or defense, to seal the victory.”