Jr. High Girls Basketball at Chandler Prep

Lady Falcons had another close game, this time playing against the Chandler Prep Titans. Fighting for a win, the girls came up short and lost by three 10-13. Leading scorer was Tiahna Newman with 6 points, going 2-2 at the freethrow line. “We were very close! We had a lead at the beginning of the game and lost it tying at 8 before the half. We should have had this game tonight. There were a lot of opportunities we missed out on. Missed easy layups, taking outside shots rather than driving to the basket, and not running our plays all the way through. We got away from the little things, the most important little things. But I was surprised at our pressure defense. We haven’t had any time to work on a full court pressure, and I had to take a time out to explain how it worked. For the most part they got the concept and it helped. With two season games left, hopefully we can use it again and gain a win,” says Coach Brittany.