Varsity Girls Soccer at Sedona Red Rock

The Lady Falcon Varsity soccer team lost last night 10-0 in their away game against Red Rock HS of Sedona. Outmatched by an all senior squad, the girls fought hard until the very last minute of the game. (Fr.) Nikki Gibbons and (Fr.) Haley Garcia came the closest to taking a shots on goal,  otherwise, the Scorpions defense was just too strong for our Lady Falcons. After having suffered an early season concussion, (Fr.) Sara Strey made her appearance to helpout on both offensive and defense. “Our Lady Falcons showed much heart throughout the match, yet simply put, Red Rock HS is the best team we have faced all season and earned each goal. All in all, these are the best games to learn from and many of the girls have earned the bumps and bruises to show for after this tough loss. We never gave up nor quit and earned some nice compliments from their parents.” said Coach Gil.