Jr. High Girls Soccer at Chandler Prep

The Jr. High Girls Soccer team had their first game of the season against Chandler Prep. The Titans were first to score a goal, but the Falcons had a quick return scoring their first goal by 8th grader Sara Strey. Goalie for the Falcons was played by 8th grader Hannah Wellendorf for the first half of the game, and by 8th grader Nikki Gibbons the second half of the game. The Falcons stand-out player was 8th grader Jessican Guillen, playing mid-center for most of the game. The Falcons ended up losing the game 7-1 but showed great sportsmanship and were very supportive of each other. “It was a good first game for us because the girls stayed motivated throughout the game. I think that motivation to improve will carry on through practice because we know what we need to focus on now,” said Coach Beam.