Competition Cheer at AIA State Qualifiers

The North Pointe Prep Competition Cheer team and Coed Partner Stunt participated in the AIA San Tan State Qualifiers this past weekend at Estrella Foothills High School Nov 15, 2014. This was our first competition of the season and a very important one because it determined if we would be competing at the AIA State Competition. To qualify for the AIA State Competition you must place top 10th in your division.

The week leading up to the big competition was a bumpy one; we had two injuries which resulted in making major changes to the routine with only a few days practice. The team was really nervous, but we did what needed to be done. Ashley Burgmeier really stepped it up for the team by switching from being a flyer to a base to fill in the spot of one of our injured athletes. As a coach I was really impressed with her for volunteering to take this basing spot. She had been working really hard as a flyer, and I know this was hard for her to give up. Ashley put the teams’ needs before herself, I am very proud of her. Other athletes that showed great team pride, and perseverance this past week were Aubrey Martin, Tahtianna Mason, and Sarah Hyun. Lastly, Janel Stephens for stepping up as a leader while our seniors were away on their senior trip.

Even with our trial and tribulations this past week North Pointe Prep Competition Cheer and Partner Stunt prevailed. They both qualified to compete at the AIA State Cheerleading Championships in Prescott Valley in January. Competition Cheer had a large division of 16, and took home 7th place. Partner Stunt’s first time competing and they took home 6th place. “This was my first competition as head coach for cheer and I am honored to be a part of the Falcon family and look forward to the rest of our season,” said Coach Messana.