Varsity Volleyball at Tonopah Valley

Tonight marked the Lady Falcons last game of the season. The Lady Falcons played Tonopah and tallied a three game loss, 7-25,14-25,13-25. The team is saying good-bye to six amazing seniors, Alyssa Rex, Ashley Barragan, Brittany Barragan, Sam Jones, Destinee Nelson and Priscilla Morales. “Each senior contributed their best skills tonight and they believed in our season being successful,” said Coach Ellis. The team was lead offensively by Alyssa Rex, Bianca Hernandez and Skyra Bailey all having two kills a piece. Defensively the team was lead by Alyssa Rex and Sam Jones with two digs. “The scores or our record doesn’t show how much the team as improved from day one. I’m pleased to leave the season knowing the growth and motivation this group of girls have to get better for next year. I would like to thank the seniors for working hard, staying positive, believing in the coaching staff and girls and also motivating others to get better,” said Coach Ellis.