JH Volleyball A Team vs Anthem Prep

The girls played two awesome games against Anthem Prep. We one the first match, but lost the second match just coming short of a couple points. The girls worked together and communicated well. They hustled for every ball and had amazing energy, which helped us win the game. Jessica Guillen and Kailey Ansomo got in some great digs followed by Jazmine Norton and Hailey Perna playing aggressive on the net. Sara Strey on in two tip balls and Brooke Garnet came through with some consistent hard serves. “The girls were outstanding today. Their attitudes changed the whole game and is the reason why they played so well together. Every one did their part and gave all they had. I’m more then proud to end our season with this game and seeing these girls grow from when we first started to now it’s defiantly a big change,” said Coach Martinez.