JH Volleyball A Team vs Trivium Prep

The girls played awesome games against Trivium Prep today. We lost both matches 2-0 but the girls kept up and gave Trivium a fight. In the first match we started slow and made simple errors, which caused us to lose in set one by 10. In the second match the girls regrouped and kept the score neck to neck. Madison Saloff had three beautiful kills. Jessica Guillen had five great ups right to the setter and Jazmine Norton got over some hard serves. Brooke Garnet and Deborah Mendoza were the hustlers of the game and got on the floor for everything. “The first game is always hard for us, but once we get into it we are a different team. The girls showed their full potential in the second match and even though we lost it was exciting to see a competitiveness come out of them,” said Coach Martinez.